Christian's First Thursday

'First Thursday' sees team members take to the floor to present a passion ahead of owning a night at a cultural event. 

It was designer Christian’s turn to take up the First Thursday challenge, and unsurprisingly things got a bit dark when we took a trip into the grotesque - and discovered just how blurred the lines of mainstream beauty have become. Christian took us from the world of Alexander McQueen and his often macabre fantasies, to the work of video artists Chris Cunningham and Jesse Kanda, whose seminal videos bring the grotesque into the mainstream world to make some very timely social comments.

From here we carried on our challenge of the so-called conventional with a trip to Carsten Holler’s exhibition ‘Decisions’ at the Hayward Gallery. Unmarked pills were popped, upside-down goggles caused much confusion, and of course the three storey outdoor slide was mounted – and thoroughly enjoyed – by all.