Mark's First Thursday

'First Thursday' sees team members take to the floor to present a passion ahead of owning a night at a cultural event. 

Creative Director Mark’s First Thursday looked at the current obsession with crafted and artisanal approaches to branding, and questioned why this hadn’t really made it into the property sector yet. As a design studio we often spend a lot of time on our computers, but with people increasingly looking for the handmade as a sign of authenticity and integrity, Mark appealed to us all to spend some time focusing on our other, non-digital skills. 

And with this in mind, Mark organized for a calligrapher from Quill London to come to the studio and take us through a beginners class in the art of writing. The class was a brilliant chance to get back to pen and ink, and to be quite honest you have never seen such beautifully conceived swear words as those produced that night.